Our Christian Values

How we will love, live and learn in the Light of Christ

Reflecting on our mission statement, we felt it was important to help teach the children about how they can put their faith into practise. In doing so, we have carefully chosen some important Christian Values that we will be learning with the children. Each term, we will pick a new value to explore and within this we will make a S.T.E.P with Jesus to follow him.

Seek to find the meaning of the value to understand what it is about.

Tell others what this value means to spread this further. 

Explain how we can live this value out in our daily lives.

Put this into practise, so we can show this value in our thoughts and actions.

Please keep checking back on our newsletters and online to see which value we are focusing on and discuss this with your children.

Our school values

In school, we are always trying to think about how to follow in Jesus’s footsteps and become better people, serving God. Each term, we are choosing a Value to live out. To kickstart us off this term, we have all made a footprint and placed in on a path so that we can each play our part in following Jesus. Take a look at how lovely it looks! It made the children oooh and ahhhh when they walked into the hall! It leads right across the hall to the ‘Encounter’ board as we know, in following Jesus’s ways, we encounter Him in our lives.

Stepping in the right direction

Here is our values board- each term we will have a new Value to follow. We are learning S.T.E.P-by-step.  Take a look to see what this means…

CST CAFOD Workshop 2022

We had a lovely visitor from CAFOD come in to talk to the children about Catholic Social Teaching.                                         

They shared the values that Christians follow in their lives to be good people.

The KS2 children had to work together to explore what each value meant and matched up scenarios to these.

KS1 pupils looked at some fun characters and keys to support their understanding of these values. They have made a display of these to help remind them of their meanings.

Our British Values

In our school, we follow and support the importance of British Values. British Values is a government initiative to teach students the values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance. If you would like to find out more, please click on the link to learn about what these encompass.

British values importance

Our world is enriched by our many beliefs

We believe it is important that all children feel welcome in our school and know they can openly share their faith and thoughts with us. We are all enriched from learning about other cultures and religions as it opens our eyes to the wider world. In our R.E. curriculum, we celebrate our Catholic faith as a school and we also explore other faiths including Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism and Islam.

Term 1 (2022): RESPECT- Do to others what you would have them do to you.

We begin our school year with a focus on “Respect.”  We have linked this a lot with our school rules, which we have set out in every class for the year. We have talked about the importance of treating people how we wish to be treated and how we show respect and are given respect. It is important that everyone is respectful and treat people equally and fairly. As part of our learning, we also looked at the British Value of tolerance and respect and explored how sadly people sometimes have not been treated with respect because of the colour of their skin. We talked about how this is not how we wish anyone to be treated and how as a school we will all try to be respectful of everyone and celebrate the differences we have.


Term 2 (2022):HOPE-We wait in hope for the Lord.

We have chosen hope as our value for this term because we are in the Advent term and when Advent comes, we wait in hope for Jesus’s coming. Hope allows us to look forward to something and wait in anticipation for something good to happen. It gives us the belief that something better is going to happen. We hope you enjoy looking at this special value together.