Bishop Patricks Themes


To remind us about this important theme given from Bishop Patrick- EYFS and Y3 have created a lovely display in our hall. It reminds us of ways we encounter Jesus in our lives.

Prayer spaces to encounter Him

The Shining Stars liturgy team have been taking time to set up our main prayer focus- they thought carefully about liturgical colour, a reflective space to pray and linked this with the time of year in November when we remember those that have died. This special place allows us to find time to encounter Jesus.

Our Bishop’s message

“I would like to ensure that people of all ages in our parishes, schools, and chaplaincies are helped to discover, or discover more deeply, the importance of a personal ENCOUNTER with Christ; so that they can become convinced that they are each loved by God and are invited to grow in their relationship with him. In particular, I would like to see the development of times of Eucharistic Adoration in our parishes, schools and chaplaincies.”

How can we encounter Him?

We encounter God and Jesus in our time of prayer and liturgy, where we take the time to talk to them in our hearts and minds. We do this in many different ways in school, to make our encounter experience a positive and creative one. Sometimes, this is through a class liturgy where we encounter him collectively. Sometimes, this is through moments of stillness and silence. Some classes may use meditation to encounter Him. All classes, take time regularly to pray at the beginning, lunch and end of the day- this is through a spoken prayer or even sometimes in singing. Our R.E. lessons also provide moments to encounter Him through moments of wonder.

Our Diocese

Please click on the link to take you to Nottingham Diocese website, where you can find out more about Bishop Patrick’s message on the theme of “encounter.”


Spreading the message of love

When learning about disciples and how they spread the good news, we have begun to think about missionary discipleship and how we can live out our learning to be just like the disciples. As part of this, KS2 all wrote letters to our parishioners from our church to try to spread some love and cheer in this difficult time of covid. We have been delighted to even receive some very touching letters back and hope that we can continue to be pen pals.

Learning about the 12 disciples.

To deepen our understanding of “discipleship” we wanted to find out more about the original 12 disciples so that we could learn who they were and how we can be like them. Each class researched 2 disciples and then we shared our new understanding through PowerPoints and videos so that everyone in school could learn from one another. Take a look!


Our Bishop’s message

“…a disciple is someone who wishes not only to grow in their relationship with Christ, but also to be used by Christ as a way in which his love, care, compassion, healing, blessing and forgiveness can be shared with others.”

– Bishop Patrick McKinney

Our Diocese

Please click on the link to take you to Nottingham Diocese website, where you can find out more about Bishop Patrick’s message on the theme of “Discipleship.”

Discipleship- how we can say sorry for our sins and be followers of Christ

As part of learning about discipleship, we are learning about the importance of reconciliation and forgiveness so that we are prepared during the time of Lent to be better people. We remember that at Easter, Jesus died for our sins and we take the time during Lent to recognise these sins and think about how we can say sorry.

The period of Lent begins on the 17th February this year and marks a time where we look inside ourselves more deeply and explore our sins. We recognise our wrong doings and say sorry for this.  Like disciples who followed Jesus, we understand we are not perfect but we can improve ourselves and change for the better to serve God. Take a look at the links to help explore ways we can do this, we will be looking at these in our online learning too.

Discipleship – Reconciliation Resources 2021

Discipleship – Preparation for Easter 2021

Who were the disciples?

As part of discovery on learning about discipleship, we have begun to learn about the original 12 disciples. Each class has begun to explore who these were and focus on 2 each. We will then be creating a short liturgy within our classrooms and record this so that we are able to share our knowledge with everyone. In class, we have also been talking about how we can be like the disciples and have come up with lots of different ways that we plan to put into action. Please keep eye out for our disciple information being uploaded in the next few weeks.

What is discipleship?

This term, Bishop Patrick reaches out to us all to remind us of the importance of “discipleship” and how to be followers of Jesus.  He says;

I would like to encourage each of us to hear and respond to his invitation to be his DISCIPLES, to follow him more closely, and to seek to serve him generously in our daily lives.’
(Bishop Patrick’s Pastoral Letter, 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time, Nov 2018)

Whilst lockdown can make it physically more difficult to go out and serve God, it can provide us with more time to think about the important things in life such as family and friends and to be appreciative of this. We can be like the disciples and give up some of our old ways or materials which we may now realise are not as important and lead a simpler life. In becoming disciples, we can serve God through doing good and helping others. Now, more than ever, everyone needs someone to look out for them and care for them.

In school, we will be exploring discipleship and how we can serve God in new ways. You are welcome to ask your children about their learning and please encourage them to think about “doing for others” at home too so that they appreciate the importance of this. Take a look at the picture on here too so you can explore ways discipleship can be demonstrated with your children.

During this time, please also take time to think about those who continuously serve God through their vocation of the priesthood. We pray for Father Peter and Deacon Tony, as well as all the clergy in our diocese during this difficult time when they cannot serve God in our usual church gatherings. They are still working hard to spread the Good News and are still reaching out to the parish, though electronically at present. Please keep them in your prayers.