Year 6

A great well done to all our Year 6 pupils who have done so tremendously well during their recent SATs. As the children start to near the end of their primary school careers, this week they are going to enjoy a wonderful week at the Briar's. The Diocese of Nottingham's Residential Youth Centre. The children will be visiting the Tram Museum at Crich and enjoying 'mobile' rock climbing and archery with Acclimbitze. It will be fabulous! Have a look at the updates below posted by Mrs Malthouse.

And we're off!

Having expected a minibus to take us to The Briars, imagine the children’s delight and excitement when the Lincoln Imps tour bus rolled up!  How we travelled in style and luxury!


Arriving at our destination, the children disembarked and met the Briars Team leaders. 


Sunshine and Fun - What a wonderful start to the week!

What better way to start the trip than playing in the gardens, to stretch our legs, with rolling down the hill!  Followed by a game of football and taking part in the Crystal Maze, with the leaders, the children then enjoyed a hearty meal before more activities commenced.  You will all be very pleased to know that the duvet making ceremony was very successful and therefore will be able to do their bedding at home!


The evening was drawn to a close with a gathering around the fire pit to take reflection and celebrate a thoroughly wonderful day.

Day two in The Briar’s Household

A very settled night all around meant the children were up and raring to go at 6.30am!  After a hearty breakfast, they set off to do a scavenger hunt/geocaching.   The Derbyshire hills became somewhat of a challenge for our ‘yellow belly’ children who are not used to such inclines – but they survived to tell the tale!!  Having discovered the flora and fauna of the Derbyshire countryside and many a milling cow, Mrs Allen was last seen heading towards the hosepipe with a good few pairs of shoes that had fresh manure attached to them!!  It was a sight to be seen – gloved up and tissues up her nose!!


Obviously, Mrs Malthouse was THE best teacher ever, having paid the deposit to obtain the games room key.  Seeking shelter from the sunshine, the children had a fantastic time playing table tennis, pool and table football.  Mrs Hare and Mrs  Allen were keen to show off their skills to the children.

Building bridges was the theme for the afternoon, with the children working together to prepare themselves for their transition to secondary school.  This was followed by a game of Capture the Flag where some very sad players found themselves in jail.  As much as they tried, the blue team was outsmarted by the red team who were the overall victors!

Football’s coming home!  It’s coming home!

Having believed that they would not be able to watch England in the World Cup, the children were beside themselves with joy when the big reveal happened!  Settled with ice-cream, topped with sprinkles and sauce, the children cheered on England.  Half time arrived and with it some much needed sustenance, to keep the nerves at bay, in the form of popcorn, tortilla chips and lemonade.  Feeling a plethora of emotions throughout the evening, the children were on the edge of a meltdown when it came to the penalty shootout, then the sweet taste of success as the celebrations that ensued!

All is now quiet in The Briars household, filled with children dreaming of bringing the World Cup home.  Good night and God bless.

Day Three in The Briar’s Household

The day started slightly later with some of the children having to be woken from their slumber!  After another hearty breakfast, the children set off along the route up to the Tramway Museum.   With lots of reminiscing from Mrs Malthouse about the trams in Blackpool, the children explored the tram museum.  As you can see, the pictures speak for themselves!

At the Tramway Museum

Day four in The Briar's Household

Another scorching day greeted The Briar's Household and its residing guests.  Up bright and early, the children prepared for a day of activities with lashings of sun cream and gallons of water.  It can only be described as 'scorchio'!

Team building games

Acclimbatize arrived and setup the climbing wall and archer.  Before taking part in these activites, the children played some team building games whilst working together to problem solve and try to improve their scores and timings.  Their thinking skills and strategies were definitely put to the test, but they peresevered and came up trumps!

Facing our fears!

Learning new skills of how to put on a safety harness and helmet, the children began their ascent of the climbing wall.  Many faced their fear of heights, showing true grit and determination to push themselves further and further up the wall, encouraged on by their friends.  After a couple of attempts to reach the top, the majority of children climbed onto the top and then abseiled down.  What an amazing achievement!

Where are Robin Hood and Little John?

Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the Glen ...!  Practising their skills to become one of the Merry Men, the children, who have never tried archery before, were fantastic with their aim - there were even a couple of bullseyes!

Getting some practise in for the disco!

Having helped Father Jonathon celebrate Mass, Father Jude was keen to develop his dancing techniques - much to the delight of the children.  Father Jude managed to perfect the 'dabbing' move, but does need to work on his 'flossing'!

The much awaited disco ...

So the disco was finally here!  Showered, hair done to perfection (both boys and girls!), glad rags and dancing shoes on, the children set off to the disco - the air was buzzing with excitement!  A little shy to start with, the children soon got their moves on, dancing and singing to their favourite tunes.  It really was 'disco inferno' and a much needed tuck shop break allowed the children to recover and recuperate before heading back in for the final songs.  I am pleased to report there was no dancing around the handbags and the boys have definitely not inherited their dad's 'dad dancing' - there is hope for the future generation yet!

Good night and God Bless

There is not a peep to be heard from any of the children - except the occasional snore.  Little do they know what is coming in the morning... Mmmwwwhhhahahaaaaaa!!!!