Year 5

Our young adventurers in Year 5 will be embarking on a fabulous and exciting trip to Caythorpe PGL centre on Monday 18th June.

With three days to enjoy a range of challenging and risk taking events it is sure to be the best of experiences for everyone. Not to mention the camping.

Parents should check in to the website for regular updates and photographs.


Welcomed by the sunshine

The children arrived at the PGL site at Caythorpe, just in time for lunch. With perfect weather to welcome them, they were all in high spirits and raring to go. After a game of splat with our group leader, the children split into two groups to start the main activities. One group started with the trapeze (see pictures below), whilst the other group commenced with the high swing.

Be assured all the children are having a great time already. We will try to keep you updated with events over the next couple of days.

I'm not sure about this?!

Well this is not too bad...

Was she pushed or did she jump?

Oh no - what now???????

Fears overcome and confidence growing

Year 5 are well settled into PGL life. The children have enjoyed "All Aboard", "Jacob's Ladder", "The Giant Swing", "Challenge Course", "Splat - Water Bomb Challenge" and the "Zip Wire". With "Absailing" , "Orienteering" and "Sensory Trail" still to enjoy. The children are having a wonderful time. All slept well and, as always, they are a credit to the school. We are very proud to be here with them. Take a look at the photos to join in the children's achievements.


The children worked well together, to build protection for their balloon that would withstand a 20M fall.

Build a...

Working well together - perhaps this will work.

box to protect...

Oh gosh! This is a nightmare!

the ballooon!

If we just think this through.

Giant Swing

Jacob's Ladder

Year 5 are 'Go!' on the zip wire

The Challenge Course does 'what it says on the tin'.

With challenge after challenge